Audit UX With Wireframe for E-Commerce Fashion Website

KNR Agency
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Modalova chose KNR agency to adjust the filter system on the catalog pages of its e-commerce site. KNR Agency worked on a Audit UX/Ergonomic.

KNR Agency worked on a complete Audit UX, taking into account all user constraints to deliver a fully ergonomic filter system to Modalova website.

The first step was to draw up a report on all the difficulties and problems that the users encountered while using the filter system present on the Modalova site.

To do this, the KNR UX team went to meet users, asking them about their use of filters in their product search process, and the most important points to make this experience as pleasant as possible.

To be able to filter millions of products in just a few clicks.

The stake of this mission was to send to the website of Modalova a system allowing users to filter millions of product references.

To do this, we have analyzed in great detail the constraints linked to this particularity by observing all the filters made available to users and the possible combinations.


After much analysis and understanding of the need and the objective, the KNR team proposes a complete overhaul of the filter system.

It is with this in mind that we worked on wireframes.

A fluid flow. An ultra simplified experience.

One of the main objectives was to give users the possibility of quickly and simply filtering the products on the site.

To do this, we worked on an interface dedicated to filters. The user is no longer disturbed by additional elements, and can see all the options available to him at a glance.

A reorganization has also been proposed in order to simplify the display and improve user understanding.

Accessibility at the center of all reflections.

The challenge was also to make this experience and this new interface usable by all types of users.

We have worked on a clean interface while maintaining the best contrast ratio, typography size and spacing of elements to ensure good readability for visually impaired people.

In addition, each clickable element has been reviewed for ease of access to interactive features.

User navigation simplified and improved.

As part of this redesign, we have also greatly improved user navigation on the catalog pages of the Modalova website.

It is by giving users the possibility of being able to filter even after having scrolled on the page that we allow him to facilitate his product search.

In addition, with this redesign of the filter system, the product grid waterline has been greatly increased, to give more visibility to the products on the grid.