Modern Web Shop for Food & Beverage Company

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The newly formed brand PULPA, needed a new optimized online shop to match their ambitions and evolve their brand in the domestic health food market. We needed to provide a user-friendly and conversion optimised website and a playful and warm identity.


Launch new webshop and marketing materials

PULPA was just starting their new shop for healthy nutrition. We needed to create a new webpage and some promotional materials for passionate believers in a healthy lifestyle.

PULPA’s main goal was to offer others top-quality products at affordable prices.

What We Did

  • Back end build with WordPress CMS
  • UX design and user testing
  • Graphic design


We successfully created an online shop for fruit, vegetable and healthy food on a WordPress platform. We taught the client how to upload and edit content and products suggested and edited images and created shop window graphics and juice labels. New webshop revenue resulted in a 30% increase in overall sales for the first year.