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Moffatt Financial came to us wanting to renew their logo, branding and overall online presence.

About the Client

Moffatt Financial Planning has been providing financial advice since 1967. They’ve helped clients of all types including private individuals, small businesses and medium-sized companies.


Moffatt Financial came to us wanting to renew their logo, branding and overall online presence.

The original Moffatt logo we started with, had 3 different M’s all sat on top of each other and made the logo look busy, cramped and quite frankly we just didn’t like it.

Moffatt specialises in financial planning so we knew right away that we had to incorporate that within the new logo. With this in mind, we looked at different ideas and created new shapes, you can see how we have taken inspiration from a financial chart.

With the main idea taking shape, we then began the process of merging the M for Moffatt and the graph!

We like to keep things clean and simple, so the shape was edited to only have 2 main points. These now create the M shape as well.

We are really happy with how the new logo has turned out and so are Moffatt!

Purpose of Website

With the new Moffatt’s logo signed off, it was time to turn our attention to the website. The website had to show off all of the services that Moffatt offers.

After analysing the website traffic and how users interacted with the website we knew there were certain elements that had to be improved and updated. One major change we made was adding in easy to use blocks with a call to action to book a meeting.


With the website and logo now looking better than ever we helped pull the overall branding together with new stationery and supplies for Moffatt.

We designed and branded new business cards for the team at Moffatt, styled new letterheads and even produced new folders and inserts for clients to take home after a consultation with Moffatt.

“We approached three firms to sort our branding, website and other items. It was clear right away that Daniel and his team were the right choice – easy to work with and very responsive.”

– John Smith, Company Director at Moffatt