Moffett AI: Website Development

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Our professional team has developed a website based on the latest web design trends for Moffett AI – a perspective startup in Silicon Valley.

Moffett AI is a perspective startup in Silicon Valley founded by a group of AI research scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and semiconductor veterans from Intel, Qualcomm, and Marvell. They bring innovative domain-specific architecture to AI chips to achieve next-level performance.

Client’s Need

A group of talented computer scientists, chip designers, contractors, and dreamers needed a website to present their projects on the Internet and attract investors. That is why we created an innovative website and worked on branding, developing an individual style of the company and a creative logo that symbolizes the model of work Moffett’s experts.

Our Digital Solution

Our professional team has developed a website based on the latest web design trends. Along with the clean design, we combined spectacular animation to showcase the company’s business. The minimalistic color scheme, the absence of small elements and a convenient interface allow you to focus on the most important and view all the necessary information about the startup.

The Result

The result is a simple website structure with impeccable download speeds. Particular attention was given to a page that allows you to join a startup and become part of the Moffett team. Our site is easy to navigate and has a responsive design for use on various gadgets.

We hope you enjoyed this case, and if you are looking for a solution like this or have other ideas, our professional team is ready to bring your project to life!

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