Money School of BCR – Campaigns and Collaterals

Bonnie & Clyde Advertising Studio
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Creative campaigns and design work for the Money School of BCR Erste, the widest financial education program of Romania.

The Client

The Money School started as an educational campaign for children, developed by BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank, member of Erste Group), the largest bank in Romania. The workshops teach kids how to view money in a constructive and correct manner, building healthy financial habits early. It later became the widest financial education program of Romania, welcoming a wider audience and expanding with workshops for adults, online courses, phone app and many more tools and activities.


The Solution

We were there along the way, creating and designing campaigns, activities and various collateral materials.

The graphic design approach echoes the 3D view of finances, to be approached carefully and studied from all angles, just like our isometric illustration choice.