MTV x Walmart #MTVMyStyle

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MTV came to Hireinfluence to launch the #MyMTVStyle influencer marketing campaign with the objective to promote the newest capsule collection.


MTV came to Hireinfluence to launch the #MyMTVStyle influencer marketing campaign with the objective to promote the newest collection: Capsule Collection and its presence at Walmart through the use of Gen Z influencers. TikTok was recommended as the first launch point since it lines up with the Gen Z demographic and TikTok’s media vibe also aligns with MTV branding: which focuses on creative expression and legacy!


HireInfluence recruited 9 top tier, right-fit Instagram + TikTok influencers to share a variety of different outfits highlighting key pieces from the MTV Capsule Collection. Each influencer styled three different looks utilizing the MTV collection and how the pieces can be worn with cool hairstyles, fun make-up, and accessories. The audiences were very excited and responsive by commenting on which outfits were their favorites and many mentioned their love for all three looks.

Influencer Curation

Our team curated and vetted top-tier, Gen Z Instagram + TikTok influencers who specialize in Fashion & Style in order to reach a targeted age demographic of 14-25 years old. The chosen influencers for the campaign checked all the boxes. They demonstrated proficiency in fashion, high-quality content, and relatability + authenticity in relaying the brand’s message in a way that resonated across an omnichannel presence in order to target the Gen Z demographic.

Campaign Execution

The top tier content creators promoted the MTV Capsule Collection across both Instagram & TikTok, and cross-pollinated TikTok videos to Instagram Stories with an added swipe-up link to take audiences directly to the MTVxWalmart page. The campaign performed exceedingly well by prominently positioning the capsule collection as a top trending fashion staple available exclusively at Walmart, as Gen Z’ers flocked to the engagement buttons to like, share, save, and visit the Walmart website.


Impressions: 16.1 M

Engagement: 216.6 K

CPE: $0.10

Influencers: 9