My Tree Smart City Application

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mytree smart city application banner of a tree in a field next to a river

My Tree smart city platform allows you to plant a tree with a mobile app.

About the Project

My Tree is an eco-friendly innovative green smart city platform, aiming to improve the state of the environment in urban areas. This would be achieved through the application of contemporary ICT technologies and enhanced cooperation between citizens, entrepreneurs, and local authorities.


My Tree is an urban green platform allowing people from all over the world to improve and maintain a clean, green and healthy environment through the usage of modern technologies. It creates a virtual ecosystem, acts as a binding element between citizens and local authorities and serves as an educator on the environment. My tree helps create greener urban landscapes; enables an easy and smooth connection between the local authorities and their citizens on the matter of the urban greenery; empowers everyone to take action to improve the environment; and, increases the level of knowledge about urban greenery.

Download the PDF below to read about the entire project!