NAOSSOFT Implements RADIANT TRANSIT Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Website

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Naossoft developed and implemented a non-emergency Medical Transportation in a matters of days.

CEO Michel Dubuisson is a regular at NAOSSOFT. He is one of our earliest customers and partners. He recently tasked us with developing a website for his new non-emergency transportation company Radiant Transit LLC.

In fact, he got us involved incredibly early in the process and we were able to help him find a name for his business, we created the logo, created all of the social marketing and developed the website. In addition, NAOSSOFT is contracted to provide digital marketing for Radiant Transit.

Mr. Dubuisson saw a need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) during the pandemic. He noticed that every time a patient used some form of transportation, especially ride-sharing, they get exposed to viruses, COVID-19 in particular.

Most patients who use non-medical transportation are the most vulnerable: the elderly, the disabled, or people with chronic illnesses. When these groups of people catch the Coronavirus, the chances of death occurring rise because of their existing medical conditions and often they do not have a strong immune system.

Radiant Transit wants to save lives that are at risk by becoming one of the few transportation organizations that keeps up with CDC guidelines. Mr. Dubuisson understands how a lot of patients depend on their doctor appointments. Sometimes it’s hard for patients to find reliable transportation. It’s the reason he started this company and he is using his medical background to put customers and patients before profits and to ensure that people can find that reliable trustworthy transportation which is Radiant Transit.