Natia Visual Identity, Positioning and Purpose

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Working together to reduce suffering.

Natia supports people affected by cancer by providing easy access to mind-body techniques, including yoga, meditation, music, and conversation. Their aim is to provide complementary therapies to add to the existing ecosystem of support; the medical profession focuses on eliminating or curing the specific illness whereas Natia focuses on alleviating suffering by enhancing well-being. Together, they care for the whole self.


  • To create a trusted, yet approachable, brand that is flexible to work across offline as well as online experiences; from the app and website through to investor presentations and video content.
  • To differentiate Natia from other wellness apps and ensure the brand feels relevant for a wide-ranging audience.


  • Developed a visual identity based on the concept of creating an ecosystem of support and feeling of connection.
  • Created a set of brand assets that are linked through the use of animation.


  • Supported by Maggie’s Centres.
  • Natia is collaborating with the Medway NHS Foundation Trust and is currently undertaking a joint feasibility study, with the view to launching a full NHS-run pilot.


Nalla worked together with the Natia team to create a purpose and positioning which reflected their personal vision and help stand them apart in a saturated wellness market.

Natia aims to provide support to patients, caregivers and medical professionals alike; individually they may feel isolated but collectively they can come together and create an ecosystem of support. It’s this idea of support, coming together and being connected that is reflected in the brand identity.


Natia’s emphasis on changing the relationship an individual has with cancer and building an ecosystem of support is reflected across the brand identity. The brand needed to convey compassion and understanding while also maintain a level of trust in order to elevate the brand above the usual wellness crowd.

Nalla chose a serif font in the logo to sit alongside a softer brand icon to balance the grounded and trusted approach with a feeling of calm. A warm colour palette was chosen to reflect Natia’s compassion and understanding of what their users are experiencing. A dark blue was added to add gravitas and ground the brand in research and experience.

Brand Icon

The brand icon is a central part of the brand identity; it symbolises the relationship between cancer and the individual, between Natia and the individual and between the individual and the wider community of support. All the brand assets originate from this icon; from functional iconography through to community-driven pattern generation and playful in-app character illustrations.

The brand icon morphs into living and breathing animated characters and shapes to guide the user through Natia’s unique set of programmes. Designed for inclusivity, without a face or defining features, the character is able to connect with any user at any point in their relationship with cancer.

Working with specialists, Nalla directed and created animated content for the app, including yoga sequences, breathing exercises, and meditation practices.