NBA: Stats-In-A-Box SDK

Dom & Tom
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Dom & Tom worked with the National Basketball Association to create a customized software development kit (SDK) of their Stats-In-A-Box platform.

Dom & Tom worked with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to create a customized software development kit (SDK) of their Stats-In-A-Box platform. Stats-In-A-Box (SIB) is a collection of automated pages and modules that provide NBA statistics including live game scores, schedules, standings as well as player and team statistics that are easily accessible via iOS and Android mobile devices.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the premier men’s professional basketball league, comprised of 30 teams across North America. Although the NBA has their own internal tech development team, they were preoccupied with other projects and needed a 3rd-party agency to quickly turnaround an urgent project.


The NBA’s SIB (Stats-In-A-Box) widget was only available for their International partners as a web version through a mobile web view with no SIB widget designed for any mobile platforms. There was no specific look and feel for a mobile app, and the International partners needed additional handling on the web views to work with the widgets (i.e., scoreboard resizing.)

To get the required look and feel and functionality, the NBA wanted to create a native Mobile SDK solution for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Dom & Tom built the mobile SDK with Android and iOS libraries so they could be integrated with the partners’ mobile apps.

The SDK provides:

  • SIB pages (with navigation) as native views
  • SIB UI components as native views
  • Integration for both mobile native and hybrid 3rd-party mobile apps
  • Data feeds as APIs- Offline capabilities
  • Support of parameters such as locale, time zone, geo, layout settings to customize the UI components for the usage on different partners’ mobile apps.
  • Supports the publishing of the library to a repository for easy access
  • Crash/usage analytical reporting capabilities and documentation
  • Test coverage

The following UI components:

  • Scoreboard
  • Boxscore
  • Play-by-play
  • Team profile/stats/schedule
  • Player profile/stats
  • League schedule
  • Daily/season leaders
  • Standings
  • League team stats/ranking on major categories
  • League player stats/ranking on major categories
  • Playoffs series matchups


Throughout Dom & Tom’s engagement with the NBA, they worked closely with their development team, meeting regularly for working sessions to understand their needs before making a recommendation on the best course of action.


Because the Stats-In-A-Box SDK was built for both native Android and iOS Dom & Tom worked on the scaffolding, developing, and quality control for both platforms.


  • Built out scaffolding for the API layer, the model layer, and the view template generation layer setup for third-party dependencies
  • Setup all configuration necessary for communicating with the Stats-In-A-Box API- Setup localization for supported languages


  • League team stats and playoffs series matchups
  • Scoreboard widget, box score, and play-by-play
  • Team page (team stats and roster)
  • Player bios and stats
  • Stats (daily and season) and all XIBs for individual components (iOS) and all XML for individual components (Android)

Quality Control:

  • End-to-end functional testing of all components run memory leak tests
  • Run battery drainage tests


NBA’s International partners can now access the Stats-In-A-Box platform from both Android and iOS mobile devices everywhere, significantly increasing the platform’s value and usability.