New Brand and New Portfolio Website

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House LT wanted a website to display their portfolio of completed projects instead of sending PDF files to clients.

The Challenge

House LT wanted a website to display their portfolio instead of having a long process of getting clients emails and sending them a PDF of the projects they have completed. They did not want something excessive, just something very simple to speed up the process of people viewing their work and seeing if they would like to work with them.

The Solution

We began with taking details of what the client would like their logo to be and sent them 10 different concepts. After they chose one, with a few revisions, we began designing the website.

It is a one page website that displays everything the client asked for. A main header, describing their main services, then a list of all of their projects with images and descriptions. We made a CMS (Content Management System) to make uploading new projects a very easy process so that the client could do this themselves. There is now a way to contact House LT and a brief description about the owner and the company.

The Result

The client was very happy with the website and impressed by the timeframe in which is was made. Their review is as follows:

“I cannot recommend TXS Digital enough. Their team of young professionals is extremely hard working, ever so patient and great at communicating. They fulfilled the requirements for the website I envisioned, offering great suggestions and tips. Thank you for your time and effort TXS Digital, it is greatly appreciated.”