New Brand for African Fin Tech Pioneer

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Wunderdogs built a new brand for Aza (formerly BitPesa), the leading currency trading solutions provider on the African continent.

About the Client

Led by Elizabeth Rossiello, Aza is an established provider of cross-border currency trading solutions that accelerate access to frontier markets. Wunderdogs reworked the brand positioning and architecture for Aza, conducted the re-branding process and created a new name for the company.

Our Strategic Approach

The brand strategy aligned the company’s proposition to its diverse target audiences, focusing on the uniting driving force of growth. Growth manifested itself on all levels of the positioning platform, reflecting different key propositions.

Above all, we underlined the company’s unique cross-currency model as a proof-point for innovation; we showcased its exceptional customer service as the cornerstone of communicating support to clients.

The brand architecture focused on an endorsement from the mother brand, segmenting the proposition across three product lines. Within this ecosystem, each product exists as a linked, yet independent node. Certainly, this concept of synergy informed the brand’s visual identity system.

Creating an Authentic African Fin Tech Brand

For both primary and secondary font, Aza’s identity uses Nexa. Aza’s identity is based on the four-color palette; Aza Blue (#0047ff), Aza Mint (#z007875), Aza Navy (#001754) and Aza Coral (#f78054). There is no strict color hierarchy. All the colors are used equally and can be combined in either a contrasting way or in a less active way if used with imagery.

Additionally, the mother brand logo is based on a 9-square grid; it includes all 4 colors from the color palette and the Nexa Black logotype. The sub-branding is based on the geometric sections from the mother brand logo.

All Aza’s printed and digital materials are based on square grids with the number of columns and rows depending on the media’s restrictions.

Brand New Name for Sub Saharan Tech Pioneer

While developing a new name for BitPesa, we activated our research partners on the ground in Lagos, Nigeria. We have crafted a simple, strong, and unique name that associates with positive and relevant meaning across multiple languages of the African continent. In Arabic, Aza is a female name that means “strong”. In Yoruba, Aza means “the answer” and in Swahili, “to come, to arrive.”