New Branding for MindRight: Forbes 30 Under 30 Mental Health Coaching Company

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MindRight, a tech startup providing trauma-informed mental health coaching, approached us looking to embody a brand in line with their mission.

About the Client

MindRight is a tech startup providing culturally-responsive and trauma-informed mental health coaching to youth and young adults. They have the valiant mission to advance health equity by making mental healthcare radically accessible and inclusive of communities of color and low-income families. With an overwhelmingly positive public reception and successful seed funding stage, MindRight was ready to rebrand their image and identity for their services, in preparation for future growth and investment.

The Challenge

MindRight approached Wunderdogs looking to embody a brand that was in line with their mission and values and also appealed to the specific audience they are looking to connect with. A brand that was honest, accessible, warm, trustworthy, and vulnerable, yet modern and positive.

Our Solution

We began by analyzing MindRight’s position within the digital health space, their unique approach to healthcare, and the immense social impact of their work. We developed the concept of “alternatives”, off which their brand identity will be based. MindRight presents a welcome alternative to the standard healthcare system; one that overcomes the challenge of accessibility within Black and Latin communities.

In linguistics, a slash can be representative of an alternative, with brackets used to bring more clarity to a situation. In this concept, MindRight’s coaching is shown as an alternative solution to members’ problems. The slash represents radical inclusion as a catalyst for change. There is a clear before and after.

We revamped MindRight’s imagery to reflect the desired end-result of their service: young people who look confident, reassured, and carefree, conveying a positive and aspirational feel. In order to solidify their connection to their target audience, we included apt representation in all digital communications of conventionally underserved groups, with a greater focus on the Black and Latin communities.

Our extensive branding kit designed for MindRight covers print and digital media, merchandise and collateral, and other branded goods.