New Web Portal Moneta

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We have created a new portal for MONETA Money Bank on the Liferay platform.

How We Built the Portal

The web is built on the Liferay DXP portal platform in conjunction with modern technology dynamic front-end library ReactJS. This enables faster and easier content management and better end-user experience, including loading speed.


The Web is currently in two language versions, and administration is handled by a specially dedicated web content team. Thanks to the Liferay DXP platform, adding languages is very easy (including special characters and alphabets, such as Cyrillic). We also improved search that covers all web content, including metadata. The Liferay DXP platform is integrated into a variety of back-end systems that handle all generated inputs and outputs and is capable of holding more than 1,000 sessions of users simultaneously.

We have created a new, robust and safe portal, which is optimized from a series of perspectives and metrics, such as environment administration, UX user optimization, the speed of the web, Pagespeed index, Google Lighthouse index, RUM index, SEO, etc. All these optimizations are designed to achieve the business benefits of this digital channel and be ahead of the competition. The portal continues to progress further with optimizations and adjustments to achieve an even better set of goals.