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News time – Grab news for mortgage!

About the client

This website provides news impacting the mortgage industry. It offers specific categories of news matching industry sectors so diverse mortgage bankers can find the news they need.

Why Drupal was chosen

1. MortgageSpeak is news-based website and Drupal helps to manage content-based websites and user activity both.
2. Content can be filtered to user and admin-specific needs.

Special requirements/Challenges encountered:

  1. Shows Simplenews Statistics Click.
  2. Creating company-wise newsletter (Daily/Weekly).
  3. Google chart for statistics report.
  4. Site provides customized information to registered users.

Key features & challenging features

  1. Shows all mortgage news by-category.
  2. Google chart prepared for statistics report.
  3. Creating Newsletter (Custom Module).
  4. Shows Simplenews Statistics Clicks (Custom Module).
  5. Filter news according to company assign to particular user in New Intelligence Pages.
  6. Adding a weekly newsletter.
  7. Display ads based on companies(Custom)
  8. Social Media sharing like LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Facebook

The AddWeb Team worked all together in an Agile methodology as one team and each team member had a comprehensive knowledge of the project objectives and provided top-quality work to successfully complete this project.

End Result: Fantastic website and satisfied client.

Technical specifications

Drupal version:

Drupal 7.x

Key modules/theme/distributions used:

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen:

  • Simplenews: Send newsletters to subscribed email addresses.
  • SimpleAds: An advertising system. A way to feature advertisements on a Drupal website.
  • Random Blocks: Allow blocks to be randomly displayed.
  • Heartbeat: Heartbeat displays user activity on a website.
  • SMTP Authentication Support: Allow for site emails to be sent through an SMTP server of your choice.
  • TVI: Taxonomy View Integrator: Enables automatic application of views to taxonomy terms and vocabulary.

Theme Implemented: Bootstrap

Advantages: Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.