Tuatara Colombia
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With +USD $150M raised in capital, NEXT was looking for a trustable agency that does Webpage Development, based in SEO, and focusing on marketing objectives.

About the Project

NEXTtrucking is always looking forward to the NEXT level.

They used to have a handmade webpage developed in China which didn’t give them the tools to advance as fast as the company was, it wasn’t well made for SEO, and big news was coming. Notice here

The Challenge

They needed to be prepared for the free press, lead generation, and automatization.

The task was clear: A very good developed Web Page, that doesn’t lose the SEO acquired to the moment, that could be integrated with Hubspot forms and that could support the traffic user

The Solution

Technology must work for us, not vice versa. That is why NEXT decided to make again the web page in a most common CMS that could integrate with al their marketing software tools (Hubspot, Leverage) and that could be flexible with updates.

In Tuatara we used to work with a Gantt Chart task methodology so both teams (Client and agency) knows what exactly are we doing. Software process are addressed within the Scrum methodology.

The Results

In a record launch of the web page, we achieve the objectives and received for a single day more than 6k users filling forms and consulting information in multiple devices.