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Web app for HR specialists

The client wanted to develop an application that would make the resume screening and job posting processes faster and more accurate. He wanted to use Machine Learning technology for smart resume processing and thus facilitate the work process of HR specialists and recruiters.

The DashBouquet team developed a highly sophisticated application powered by Machine Learning technology. The app is aimed at selecting the candidates in a more precise manner and thus save the time of the recruiters. As well, the platform allows easy posting of a job opening on the platforms of choice and can also transfer the candidates’ resumes in a uniform desired format. An employer can establish a certain scale in which the algorithm will use to evaluate the candidates. In accordance with this scale and by using advanced machine learning techniques, the platform will sort all suitable candidates and present them to a recruiter in the chosen format (PDF, Word, etc.). In this way, recruiters and HR specialists can focus on interviews and human resource management instead of going through hundreds of irrelevant resumes.

DashBouquet presented a full-fledged platform that corresponds to the client’s requirements and brings the intended value to the end-users. We were excited to work on a project that involves Machine Learning and we definitely look for more of such projects in the future.