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Now App – Business Offers and Events Promotion App

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The Now App is an app through which business create offers and events which customers can claim and redeem.

Project Idea

The client’s idea was to create an app that would allow their clients to promote their business by making offers and events that end users would be able to see, buy and claim.

Project Breakdown

We broke the app to the following sets of features:

  • General Features:
    • Login/Register (regular email login/register or Facebook/Google login/register)
    • Nearby map with offers and events with a date picker to show offers on a specific date and distance from users current location
    • Offers and events category browser
    • Notifications on new events/offers
  • Registered App User:
    • Edit and delete profile
    • Claim/buy offers
    • Claims history
  • Client App User:
    • Create/edit/delete/republish offers/events
    • Created offers/events list
    • Edit or delete business profile
    • Manage claims from users (view list of claims, scan QR code of claim)

Project Development

The functionality of the backend was coded using the Laravel PHP framework through which we have defined users and groups creation, roles and notification handling. Database management system base was built on MySQL.

Using the AWS deployment platform we have created the server instance (EC2), file storage (S3) and database (RDS).

For the mobile side of the development, we’ve used the latest technology in mobile development – the React Native framework. React Native allowed us to build the app natively for both Android and iOS, meaning it would function on Android and iOS devices.

Finished Product

After the whole development of the backend and the mobile app we’ve got a fully functional backend that communicates with the app, stores and handles user profiles, procreates offers/events info and geolocation, and communicates with Google and Facebook to login/register users that way. It also processes the payments via Stripe API.

The app was created to be a clean, user-friendly experience with a neat-looking nearby map, category list, and profile. This took a huge part of the project, and we brainstormed how to make it as slick as possible. With combined powers with our client, we came up with the best solution for the UI.

Client user has access to the offer/event creator with info and ability to pin the offer/event somewhere on the map. Client users can also add their geolocation on their user profile where the store is located. The app also has a “reminder” push notification feature that reminds the regular users that have claimed an offer a set time before the offer is expiring to redeem it at the offer creator’s store.