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NUMERIZE, a simplified joint-stock company with more than 13 years of experience in digitalising and electronic document archiving.

This gigantic project is a unique initiative in the history of the Web, a preservation mission. Digitization, EDM and archiving, we support you in your dematerialization procedures.

The product consists of nomenclature of documents and invoices with which customers can benefit from the digital services provided by the company. Train invoices through an OCR system and all invoice data are extracted. They are categorized and archived by category type according to the sector they come from. These can be digitally signed (we implemented the digital signature). Multiple users of existing invoices can be attached. Subscriptions can be purchased depending on the number of users, the space allocated and the type of files.

Project Context

The product is used by different companies and individuals for digital archiving. We started the work with 1 back-end developer, 1 full-stack developer, 1 front-end developer, 1 manual tester and a bunch of new modules to be developed.

The Challenge

  • Digital signature creation
  • Labeling documents to be signed by customers by placing them in visible places
  • Sending invoices by email
  • Their entry in the nomenclature has already been signed
  • Possibility of signing by several people the same invoice having the tracking function to see in real-time by whom it is signed
  • Strip integration and 3D secure implementation
  • Implementation of payment by bank transfer
  • Creating customizable subscriptions
  • Personal validation or adding a new user on the same subscription
  • Banned trial account after the free subscription expires
  • Complete the project in the proposed

Developed Modules

  • Subscription
  • Payment
  • Digital sign: YouSign
  • Company accounts
  • Individual accounts
  • Trial account
  • Upgrade and downgrade subscriptions
  • Create a monthly subscription
  • Create annual subscriptions
  • Stripe payment: 3D secure