Nutrex Hawaii: Boosting eCommerce Sales Through Social Media Marketing

L7 Creative
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Through branding, organic social, influencer marketing, paid social and paid search strategies we were able to drastically boost eCommerce sales.

Project Goals

When the Nutrex Hawaii team approached L7 Creative, they were looking to take their eCommerce sales to new heights. This client was already a contender in the health and wellness space but had birthed two separate product lines, each possessing their own target demographics and in turn, uniquely separate marketing strategies.


The L7 Creative team designed strong creative tailored to each products unique positioning in the market, implemented incredibly strong organic and paid social media strategies, launched an influencer program to optimize user-generated content (content that vitamin and supplement companies rely heavily on in order to gain consumer trust), optimized their Paid Search strategies and more.

The results? Increased sales, complete social channel rebranding, strategic social media content pillars, boosted user-generated content and organic user tags, and skyrocketed impressions, followers, and engagement across social channels month over month.