Off to a Good Start Campaign

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TrendyMinds and Think Ahead Studios helped a major pharmaceutical company launch this campaign to empower and educate people with diabetes.


In the United States, 34.2 million people live with diabetes every day. Studies show that a dangerously high number of these individuals discontinue treatment between their first and second treatment. Because of this, it’s clear that there is a need for simple, educational content that makes the disease state easy to understand for patients and their families. The right resources have the power to improve adherence and give people with diabetes more confidence in managing their disease state.

In 2016, TrendyMinds and Think Ahead Studios helped a major pharmaceutical company launch the “Off to a Good Start” campaign to empower and educate people with diabetes. This ongoing campaign proved highly successful and later received the 2020 Fierce Pharma Marketing Award for Social Media for Consumer.


Through a comprehensive digital advertising campaign featuring strategic, educational animated videos on a variety of diabetes-related topics, TrendyMinds helped the major pharmaceutical company communicate directly with millions of people with diabetes. As a cost-effective advertising platform with a large network of active users, Facebook offered the best opportunity to reach the target audience – those dealing with type 2 diabetes and their families.

The benefits of Facebook advertising for the “Off to a Good Start” campaign include:

  • 250 million active daily users in the U.S., the largest of any social platform
  • Engaging and immersive mobile-optimized ad types, including Instant Experience
  • A platform where video content is viewed more than eight billion times daily
  • A rich community of Facebook groups for the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)
  • Unique audience targeting based on engagement metrics
  • The ability to test new content through artificial intelligence-powered predictive creative analysis

As part of our digital advertising content strategy, Think Ahead Studios developed animations on a range of diabetes-related topics, including:

  • Balancing blood sugar
  • The impact of blood sugar levels on the body
  • How the disease state progresses over time
  • Treatment options for type 2 diabetes
  • The highs and lows of blood sugar

Hand-drawn and character-driven to maximize viewer engagement and learning, the animations were intended to empower patients with the knowledge to have more meaningful conversations with their primary healthcare providers. To reach a portion of the 6.4 million Hispanic Americans living with diabetes, we also developed Spanish-first versions of these animations highlighting cultural elements of living with diabetes relevant to a Spanish-speaking audience.


Through Facebook advertising, the “Off to a Good Start” campaign has:

  • Reached over 35 million individuals and counting
  • Generated more than 350 million impressions
  • An average watch time double the Facebook average for video ads
  • A cost per click 56% better than the healthcare industry average
  • An average positive sentiment of more than 95%

Performance of the Spanish-first animations significantly exceeded expectations, garnering the most engagement and shares of the entire “Off to a Good Start” campaign. The Spanish-first animations:

  • Reached 11 million Spanish-speaking Americans
  • Garnered 94 million impressions
  • Were watched for twice as long as the English versions
  • Accounted for more than half of all social media shares from the campaign

Since the initial launch of “Off to a Good Start,” TrendyMinds has broadened the campaign’s channel approach and brought the campaign directly into doctors’ offices through video, print, and signage.

Think Ahead Studios has evolved the campaign’s storytelling to cover topics including management of hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and severe hypoglycemia, and specific diabetes treatment types. The “Off to a Good Start” animations have also been incorporated into many electronic health record platforms for healthcare professionals.

“Off to a Good Start” is a living, breathing project that will continue to engage audiences in unique and meaningful ways — through digital advertisinganimation, and more.