Oil Tank Monitoring Industrial IoT Solution

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The solution from Biz4Intelia empowered the client to Monitor and Control real-time gas level inside the Oil tanks.

About the Project

Business leaders in the Oil and Gas industry are looking for plug-and-play IoT solution for oil and gas, where they don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. Biz4Intellia provides a complete End-to-End IoT solution for oil and gas, covering every Oil and Gas industry vertical to make the Oil and Gas industry’s operation efficient and effective.


a) Remote Oil Well Monitoring

  • Monitor Compressor performance in Real-time
  • Check health status of Oil Tanks
  • Get seamless connectivity powered by IIoT

b) Tank Level and Temperature Monitoring

  • Monitor tank level in Real-time
  • Detect and Control temperature inside the tank
  • Monitor both below and on ground tanks

c) Oil/Gas Pressure Monitoring

  • Detect pressure from outside the pipeline using non-intrusive pressure sensors
  • Know any pressure fluctuation in Real-time
  • Get notified if the pressure exceeds the threshold