One Health Clubs – Social Media Strategy, Lead Generation, Funnel Design and Development

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Over 30% conversion rate leading to 90-100 new memberships each month, adding over $2,400,000 new revenue each year.

The Challenge

Before working together One Health Clubs had no strategy for getting new members. They were driving traffic to their website without any focus or objective, hoping this would end in a sign-up. They had minimal results and a lot of frustration.

Our Solution

We explained our process and created a strategy, designed a dedicated landing page with a specific objective, and we were able to direct potential members to sign up for a free trial membership.

Then we created other landing pages that captured specific promotions such as exclusive offers and holiday specials as shown below. These were promoted within the company email lists and through various social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

This was the next logical step in creating new leads and memberships.

Next, we created targeted ad campaigns that focused on different types of members. The campaigns consisted of both image and video ads of male and female members as well as geographical targeting of potential members within a 3km radius of each location.

Sample Video Ad 1:

Sample Video Ad 2:

Each month new campaigns were created to keep engaging potential members’ interest until they decided to accept an offer that interested them.

Lastly, we then put into place multiple re-targeting strategies for anyone that previously engaged in our ads. We reminded potential members on social media to choose One Health Clubs when making a decision to join a health club in the area.


Since starting the program in June 2017 we have successfully achieved 0ver 300 leads every month with a conversion rate of over 30% leading to 90-100 new memberships each month, adding over $2,400,000 new revenue each year.