Online Betting Portal for Sport Enthusiasts

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We created an online gaming portal that brings football betting to the fingertips of the world’s biggest fans, with an intuitive web app.

DiskiMillions is an online sports betting platform made for fans and betting enthusiasts who want to put their football knowledge to the test.


Our brief was to bring football betting into the digital era with an intuitive app designed from the customer up.

We were asked to develop a user-friendly betting app that could be used across various different sports. The starting focus was football betting, and so DiskiMillions was born (“Diski” is a South African phrase for football, but generally relates to great pieces of skill in a game).

The app had to allow football fans to select a pool, make their picks for each match inside the pool, and submit and pay for their choices. Once the results are released, users are notified whether they placed a winning bet or not.


First off, we needed to get into the minds of football fans. After wireframing the app and building a prototype, we began a few rounds of moderated user-testing. Armed with invaluable user feedback, we tweaked the UX (user experience) of the app and got started on the design of the UI (user interface).

Throughout the project, our UX, UI, and development team worked side by side to ensure, not only a speedy implementation but also the best possible outcome. From start to finish, we partnered with our client to transform a number of complex requirements into a seamless, and simple app.

Football fans can now place bets in a few short minutes, wherever they are. They can also keep track of their results and, most importantly, their winnings.


DiskiMillions is a progressive web app, which means that users on mobile devices can benefit from the feel of a native application, but access the app using a web browser. This also means that the application can be updated, without having to go through any app store verifications. Using an agile approach, we are continually improving and expanding the app features.