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The functionality includes professionals profiles, search based on various criteria, team management, project management and communication.

About the Client

Digital Village is an Australia-based alliance bringing together entrepreneurs and developers for making excellent software products. Providing an enjoyable place for collaboration even locally, Digital Village uses bleeding-edge technology and work-life balance philosophy and pays particular attention to the possibility of live communication.

The union requested us to build a convenient platform where an entrepreneur could find and cooperate with high-skilled designers and developers. Working in close-knit teams, all of them would experience simplicity and ease of use.


The client’s team reached out to us, asking to establish a platform for collaboration between experts and clients. The primary object was to combine the comprehensiveness of the web app and the transparency of the work processes.

So these are the goals we had:

  • Simple and clear UI
  • The multiplicity of user roles
  • Opportunity to build functional teams
  • Capacity for extended search
  • Lean project management
  • Suitable administration board


We assessed the work requirements and aimed at the goals to realize. Our team wanted to develop a web application that would both be functional and express the philosophy of our client.

Focusing on outright availability to all the project details, we designed plain and simple UI which offers smooth usage.

For the fast and effective application development, we set up Guidelines. It allowed our team to finalize the app interface, following the sequence of its changes, which includes titles, subtitles, headings, text and font size, etc.

To implement a smooth UX, we used React library. It provides rapid request processing, without overloading the page.


While working on Digital Village, we built a fully functional web application that provides deeper cooperation on projects. For now, this is a tremendous development platform with a large variety of opportunities for both clients and development teams. It is still expanding its borders, and we expect it to become a real Village for Agencies and independent contractors.

What’s the outcome?

  • Simple and attractive UI
  • User-friendly search function
  • Effective project management
  • Operational teams
  • Convenient Admin part
  • We are communicating with the client, broadening Digital Village and enhancing it permanently