Online Reputation Management Case Study

Sage Titans
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How we pushed down multiple negative links & improved overall online reputation


A highly successful 50-year-old CEO of one of the largest US retail firms, had faced numerous online reputational challenges.

An almost decade-old vacation photo of the CEO wasn’t in a respectable pose was surfacing on the internet (allegedly).

Positions 1, 2, and 7, 8 on Google page one were all uncomfortable or awkward from the start, with a total of 20 unfavourable or antagonistic entries within the first seven pages of Google search results printed by major media outlets.

The CEO, whose name was searched on Google over 2,000 times per month, believed the search engine damaged his reputation, given that the problematic assets were developed based on charges made by a person who was later exposed to inaccuracies in his case.

The CEO sought our help in obtaining a more realistic anecdote and a more fair depiction of the CEO’s reputation in the Google SERPs.


What We Did

We devised an ORM strategy based on four steps:

Stage 1: Auditing

We looked at the client’s business objectives and aims. This was important in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the client and to identify additional activities. It was also critical to understand the challenge in light of the resources available. To accomplish so, we conducted a thorough analysis of the following:

  • The accusation and negative image
  • The personal website of the client (if any)
  • Websites for the client’s business
  • Social media profiles of the client

Stage 2: Strategy Preparation

We identified websites that needed to rank higher in Google’s results pages for specific key phrases. These included the following:

  • Without making any judgments, positive and unbiased coverage
  • Coverage which is both positive and impartial with judgments
  • Existing Social media platforms
  • New social media outlets

Stage 3: Implementation

The Sage Titans team used the following methods as part of a unique and custom-made plan to ensure that the client’s goals were delivered efficiently and effectively:

  • Cross-linking of the client’s social and digital assets with efficiency
  • Wherever possible, put in extra SEO effort on additional online assets.
  • Links and responses to harmful materials are removed from all possible channels.
  • Obtaining links from third-party sites
  • Formulation and summarization of high-quality content for essential assets so they can rank for specific terms

Stage 4: The Results

  • On Google’s first page, we removed all negative results.
  • CTR on negative assets had dropped from 60% to 0%.
  • We changed the first seven pages of Google’s results for CEO searches from negative to zero.
  • We coordinated with Wikipedia to correct errors and incorporate previously overlooked information.