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A marketplace for schoolchildren, students and tutors. Tutors can offer their services, while students can choose a suitable tutor.

The online tutoring marketplace is for parents, schoolchildren, students and teachers. The marketplace allows you to choose an individual tutor for any subject within the school curriculum, as well as extracurricular leisure activities (sports, art). The marketplace can be used by both parents and students, as well as teachers conducting classes.

Tutors can register through the marketplace, pass an interview and offer classes in the areas in which they specialize.
Parents and students can also register on the marketplace and choose a suitable tutor, book classes, get a homework assignment, and evaluate a teacher after a class.

The Tutoring Marketplace is available through a web interface, as well as through mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Client and Product

The client, TutorTime, is an Australian based tutoring marketplace founded by Sophie Whitehouse-Sparks and her team of expert educators.

The client came to us with an already built app that required further development and support. Our first goal was to make the system work stably for different user roles.

The Challenges

In order to make the system stable enough, our team had to solve a number of challenging tasks.

    •  Set up a single project infrastructure
    •  Transform a major part of the project to use Node.js instead of Ruby on Rails. It made the code more readable, and further changes easier to implement
    •  Cooperate with the product team on building new user flows
    •  Enlarge the system to satisfy new partners’ (schools) needs

The Solution

A2 Design Team

We believe in the specialization of labor. That’s why we created a dedicated team for the project:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Mobile
  • QA department
  • Project manager

The A2 Design Team achieved the following goals while working on the project:

      •  Updated the booking flow to a more convenient one
      •  Transformed the app code base, so that the app became more adaptive to further improvements
      •  Enabled the product owner to manage different areas of the app – eg. admin could send notifications to users, download system reports, generate promo codes etc.
      •  Developed a white label booking service that helps new partners (schools) to find job for their students once they’ve graduated

Booking Flow

  • Users are able to view tutors profiles, see tutors’ schedules, and book selected tutors. Online payments by CC are integrated for a seamless user experience. Parents are charged automatically after their booking is scheduled and approved by the tutor.
  • The system runs all the necessary calculations to spread funds between hundreds of tutors and TutorTime as a service provider.

Admin Dashboard

The product management team can use the admin dashboard:

  • to review basic info about users’ engagement, such as lists of registered parents and tutors, bookings details, business revenue, and recent users’ activities
  • to manage details about the product TutorTime offers, such as subjects available for booking, tutors’ qualification levels and corresponding rates, and TutorTime fees
  • to make bookings on behalf of parents, if requested
  • to share announcements with app users
  • to run promo campaigns by creating promo codes for certain services.

White Label Project (Kambala School)

The A2 design team has adjusted their business model and codebase to build up a white label booking service that helps new partners (schools) to find jobs for their students once they’ve graduated.

The Result

“The team at A2 are motivated and solutions based. We have been working with A2 for over 2 years and they deliver what they promise. Thank you A2 for always providing us with tech ideas and support. We look forward to continuing working with you for the foreseeable future.”

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