Oppo Brothers: Famous for Flavor, not Calories

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A snapshot of how we promoted the Oppo Brothers brand of ice cream

The Challenge

The Oppo Brothers have created the most indulgent ice cream flavors with up to 60% fewer calories and less sugar than regular ice cream – with no compromise on taste. They plan to launch snacking balls in Germany later this year. To facilitate the launch, they approached us to create awareness of the launch and broader product range through suitable VIP influencer cooperation.

The Solution

  • Idea: Paid Influencer cooperation with celebrity Cathy Hummels’ retreat event
  • Presentation and interaction on her Instagram channel
  • Product sampling at the retreat event
  • Use of participating influencers/VIPs as multipliers afterwards

Creativity and Execution

  • The process: The Oppo Brothers sponsored a retreat event by the celebrity (TV host) and influencer Cathy Hummels, who is a fan of the Oppo Brothers’ healthy lifestyle.
  • As part of the collaboration, Cathy featured the Oppo Brothers ice cream at the after party and presented it in her Instagram stories.
  • Due to Cathy Hummels’ wide reach and authenticity, she acts as a role model for other influencers and fans. When she presented the ice cream to her influencer colleagues, she convinced them of Oppo’s unique taste.
  • We reposted the stories on the Oppo Brothers Instagram account to keep the Oppo Brothers community updated.
  • Other influencers, who have been participants at Cathy’s retreat events, also became aware of Oppo Brothers ice cream. The magazine InStyle Germany was partner of the event and posted related content.
  • In order to remind them of the delicious taste of Oppo Brothers ice cream, we prepared packages with the new flavors and sent them home to the VIPs some days after the event. As a result, some of them posted some stories with Oppo Brothers again on their own channels.
  • Due to the successful cooperation with Cathy Hummels, we wanted to work with other event participants who are fans of Oppo Brothers.
  • Besides the usual Instagram activities, there was the idea of working with selected food and lifestyle influencers to use them as brand ambassadors and increase the reach for the brand and the Oppo Brothers Instagram account.
  • The process: We got in touch with selected influencers who featured Oppo Brothers ice cream in their stories and integrated the product into their typical days.
  • All reviews were positive and the influencers reported on the delicious Oppo Brothers ice cream in stories and posts. They showed where to get the ice cream, how it much it costs, which flavors are available and pointed out the USPs.
  • The Community Engagement was also positively affected.

The Results

  • The celebrity and influencer Cathy Hummels as Oppo Brothers brand ambassador
  • Building personal relations with further influencers
  • Increasing engagement and direct interaction with Oppo Brothers customers and fans

PR that tastes better!