Optical Express Croatia

Morgan Grey
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There’s many myths about laser vision correction; we made eye health website: Dioptrija.hr. It holds the first organic positions for eye conditions.

Our client, a laser eye surgery clinic, often encountered various questions on social networks about the preoperative process, the procedure itself, and the postoperative course. They also wanted to dispel myths about laser vision correction and educate potential patients. There were also a lot of questions about eye diseases and mistakes, and many of the questions were repeated. We created the Dioptrija.hr website — a niche portal — that answers all those questions.

We created quality content that answers all patients’ questions. We brought doctors and surgeons closer to patients who readily answer their questions, and we also opened a profile on the Forum.

We used absolutely all channels for educating patients and marketing quality content. We created a community around the clinic that shares its experiences about the procedure and the doctors, and the clinic and its doctors have established themselves as leaders.

The Dioptrija.hr portal is the most visited website on eye health, which is read by people who have diopters and vision problems.  The goal of the portal is to serve as a quality channel of promotion and communication to clinics and ophthalmologists who want to communicate their expertise to potential patients and thus build their name, helping people with advice and their expertise.

Dioptrija.hr is read by more than 100,000 users every month.