Oracle Precision

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Oracle Precision

Oracle Precision are a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers, and individuals from a wealth of backgrounds including the automotive, marine, and aerospace sectors. Strategically placed within the UK, the firm are specialists in CNC machining techniques and subcontract manufacturing technology.

They are also ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 and ISO 13485 certified. Mainly supplying to the UK and the US, they have become leaders within their industry and continue to break barriers with their excellent work.

The Brief

Oracle Precision wanted to bring us in to work on their SEO. They had a decent volume of organic visitors already, but had the potential to bring in a higher level of traffic with more potential quality leads.

Technical SEO

The team began by assessing the overall performance of Oracle Precision’s site in great detail in order to identify where improvements and enhancements needed to be made. We chose industry-leading tools and processes to lead our strategy and drive action.

Once this was complete, we implemented optimisation techniques that took into consideration their ranking ability, local SEO and user experience. HTML work was a constant focus of our campaigns, with landing page optimisation and content marketing taking priority, too.


Adding SEO-friendly content to Oracle Precision’s site was vital for improving its ranking in the search engine results pages. Our team of expert content writers conducted in-depth research into competitors and big industry players to see what copy was really driving traffic, developed a content plan alongside this, then got to work. Our intention was to cut through the clickbait and deliver high-performing, high-impact pieces to improve organic standing. And… considering they are now ranking in position #1 for a range of industry keywords, we think we did precisely that.

Google Ads

Oracle Precision didn’t just come to us for SEO and content, their paid strategy needed to take flight and we were only too happy to help. The Bite Digital team set up Google Ads from scratch, established bidding strategies that worked for the client and tracked conversions seamlessly. With keyword analysis and regular copy optimisation, we managed to deliver a constant stream of motivated, in-audience traffic to Oracle Precision’s site.