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Orbit Digital is a digital agency based in NY. They wanted to communicate better with their audience and ultimately, increase revenue.

The Objective

Orbit Digital’s website, like many agencies, had become an afterthought to client work and objectives. As they started to become more aggressive with their growth goals they realized that one of their most important sales tools (their website) wasn’t communicating the correct story.

They needed a website that better communicated their differentiators felt modern and dynamic, and could easily grow with their organization over the next few years.

Unique Problems to Solve

Communicating the concept of Story Doing

Many organizations can tell a story, but becoming a ‘doer’ is a much greater lift. We needed to figure out a way to explain the nuanced differences in an interactive way.

Creating an effective place to manage and display their work

They needed a place where they could effectively communicate the thought process behind those projects as well as their outcome. Furthermore, they needed a flexible format that could adapt to the variety of work they produce.


Orbit Digital’s homepage was designed to focus on bold statements and highlight their work. We wanted to say enough that people knew what they did, and then let the approach and work do the talking.

Scroll Animation

We created this animation to engage people on the screen. It makes the website more creative and playful.

Contact Pop-up

Orbit Digital didn’t need much more than a form for their contact, so we chose to make it a pop-up available on any page rather than a stand-alone page. This decision has noticeably increased form activity.

Work Overview

In addition to allowing visitors to access their different projects, Orbit Digital’s work overview page does two things: It quickly allows the visitor to understand what kind of work they do and allows them to easily identify key brands. Without ever engaging with an individual project, you have a good sense of what type of organizations Orbit Digital partners with.