Our Partnership With Alacris

Bozka Design
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Alacris develops a technology that speeds up a blockchain.

The Challenge

Alacris is a fast-growing startup that changes its course on the flight. Working with is required a quick turnaround. We had to be extremely flexible and to prioritize either speed or fidelity of the product depending on the particular situation.

Target Audience

Our target audience for this project were investors and potential partners in the fintech domain. For the investors, the information we were giving them should highlight the benefits and some details of the technology, but not to overwhelm them with technical details, that could be quite complex when it comes to blockchain.

For partners, on the contrary, we could come up with all the details but we had to deliver good navigation through them.

Our Work

Our history working for the Alacris project is very diverse. We were delivering all kinds of products for them, such as branding, demo web app prototypes, landing page design and development, presentation and marketing materials, and even a mascot.