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The first global agency in the world to enable WhatsApp sharing in a banner ad.


We needed to market Pandora’s products as gifts over Christmas, to both male and female audiences. Whereas the typical Facebook and Instagram feed is overwhelmed with marketing promotions, Whatsapp engagement is still very underused by brands. Incorporating Whatsapp sharing was a great, forward-looking solution that would encourage people to share Pandora products with their friends and family through the app, letting them know what they would like to receive.


We innovated by being the first global agency in the world to enable Whatsapp sharing in a banner ad. As well as creating a Liquid Desktop Skin and a Mobile Interscroller individually for both female and male audiences, we built creative units which enabled us to incorporate Whatsapp in to the campaign. The user could click on the Whatsapp icon and opt to share the product with a contact or send a message directly to the brand.


“Find a gift that makes Her Sparkle” or “Gifts to make you sparkle” produced a CTR that blew Pandora away: 3% of the male audience clicked through, which is 15 times the benchmark.

The female audience was also a massive success with 4.54% of our target audience having engaged with the ad and clicked through, a staggering 22 times the benchmark!

Overall, our Whatsapp sharing campaigns for Pandora have generated an impressive 0.49% of users engaging in Whatsapp sharing, that’s on top of a staggering CTR

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