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Patronim – Solution for Property Cleaning Company

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Patronim is an application for a cleaning company allowing managing and coordinating employees, and also providing effective connections with clients.


Patronim is an application for a cleaning company, which not only allows for the management and coordination of employees but also provides effective connections with clients. It has two modes of use, the first is for the company staff, which provides cleaning services and manages workflow, while the second one is for the customers who use this company’s services.


To customise the workflow and make it more efficient, we created the following roles: patrons, quality controllers, dispatchers, customers, and an administrator. A user can order the services, put a route to the property location, pay for the services, monitor the workflow, edit/cancel the services, chat with an administrator, etc.

The app helps to optimise management processes and share responsibilities. In turn, it allows the company to increase the quality of their provided services and maintain customer engagement.


After launching the application, the customer noted that it facilitated and accelerated communication with clients, as well as improving the coordination of work within the company.

Patronim gets a lot of positive feedback every day – users noticed that the connection between themselves and company representatives was improved due to the application. Also, the optimisation of the staff quality control process affected the cleaning service’s efficiency.