Payless Shoesource #OwnYourStyle

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Payless Shoes was looking to design and execute an influencer component for its massive 2017 Back to School campaign called #OwnYourStyle.


The strategy involved having the influencers style the new fall line of shoes in ways that were unique to their own authentic style, all while developing high-quality user-generated content (UGC) that would INSPIRE influencer audiences while being re-leveraged on Payless’s social media channels for the length of the campaign.

Influencer Curation

Our team curated, vetted and activated popular fashion and style influencers from across the U.S. with a specific focus on influencers who had families with multiple children that produced content in children’s fashion for ages 6 – 17. Each influencer was known for producing content related to clothes and accessories styling. Our team validated the influencers’ feeds to ensure their audiences were consumers who would be interested in the budget-friendly brand’s offerings.

Campaign Execution

Influencers were tasked with producing content across five different platforms during the campaign: Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and YouTube videos were utilized to capture behind-the-scenes experiences of each influencer visiting a local Payless Shoe Source, including the try-on and shoe selection experience. Influencers then produced high-quality Instagram feed photos showing off the shoes they selected for the entire family. Instagram photos were syndicated across Facebook as well.


Over the course of the campaign, the 17 influencers garnered 42.8M impressions and 694,000 engagement indicators for a CPE of just $0.11.