Personalizing Anonymous Conversations with Marketing Automation

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The digital landscape bombards customers with marketing messages. Technology enables digital interactions that are fast, flexible and personalized.

People interact with hundreds of brands each day, often at the speed of light. Research shows that nearly half of all consumers are willing to switch to brands that better personalize marketing communications – regardless of any prior relationship.

While Holoxa*, known for groundbreaking innovations in PC and cloud computing, understood their customer’s need for an individualized experience, they found themselves challenged when it came to implementation and scalability.

Like other industry titans, Holoxa was managing a balancing act. As a global company with an ever-expanding reach, it was becoming increasingly difficult to scale account coverage and profits while maintaining the personalized touch necessary to guide customers along the sales pipeline. Holoxa’s leadership presented Ideas Collide with a problem:

How can we thoughtfully personalize thousands of touchpoints a day without having to double, or even triple, our workforce?

Enter: Automation.

Today’s digital landscape constantly bombards customers with marketing messages, and they decide very quickly whether, or not, to pay attention. Technology enables digital interactions that are fast, flexible, and most importantly, personalized.

Reduce acquisition costs as much as 50%

Lift revenues by 5-10%

Up marketing spend efficiency by 10-30%

The sales and marketing landscape is evolving, with automated and human solutions forming a stronger alliance. As an industry leader in marketing automation, Ideas Collide partnered with Holoxa’s internal teams to develop a customized, multi-dimensional sales solution for this Fortune 50 company.

Automation doesn’t have to feel cold. Our solution integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower true data-driven relationships. By using AI to help understand each customer’s true intent and needs at a basic, psychological level our solution then automatically pairs recommendations based on each customer’s decision-making journey.

Our unique solution goes beyond the traditional digital profile utilized by most other systems. This approach uses machine learning to analyze a customer’s digital profile and empowers Holoxa to automatically personalize communications with a wide range of tailored digital experiences, both in real-time and semi-delayed.

This approach strengthens customer relationships and improves conversion rates by presenting customers with personalized messaging at the very moment they are exploring new opportunities. In turn, user behavior is then collected and used to influence the system to trigger a relevant, timely response.

In partnership with Holoxa, we developed a sales enablement campaign to build and deploy customized messaging at a record scale. By optimizing hundreds of web and email blocks ‘on-the-fly’, the multi-channel campaign can send dynamic automated communications worldwide across multiple different languages.

Relationships are built on communication. This campaign intelligently imitates the human-to-human sales process to send each customer personalized product recommendations – allowing Holoxa to increase account coverage and close sales without the need for additional employees.

Through these personalized experiences, thousands of customers are now better equipped to make more informed choices, connect with relevant information, and grow as new opportunities evolve. Our work helped Holoxa enrich one-to-one digital relationships, prompted meaningful engagements, and increased sales at a time when their sales team had been reduced.

Trigger email unique open rate 2019

% of accounts purchasing new products

Web conversion to sales

Web unique open rate

Before our partnership, Holoxa was faced with the seemingly impossible balancing act of increasing account coverage, and sales, without growing the size of their team. While this problem is faced daily by other global companies in the industry, our solution for Holoxa was far from standard. By implementing an innovative solution utilizing machine-learning, we changed the way their sales process operates from the ground-up without the need for additional set-up or sales support. Now Holoxa’s future is looking bright – and automated.

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