Pikabooshop – Webshop Redesign for One of the Largest Croatian Retailers

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PikabooShop’s new website enhanced its sales volume and made the brand appealing at first sight to every visitor.

The Project

Changing the entire website of an already established webshop well-known among the Croatian population was a challenge, but PikabooShop’s new website enhanced its sales volume and made the brand appealing at the first sight to every visitor.

Development & Content Creation

The ability to move away from the ‘old code’, the most notable change in PikabooShop’s new webshop is the new user interface where the retailer has continued to innovate and be different. Mobile is also a key aspect of the new e-commerce operation. While a project of this scale is never without its surprises, the project was considered a success and the store’s performance saw a radical improvement in performance after the launch of the new experience. The webshop continues to be one of Croatia’s most popular online retailers.


In the first month after the launch, PikabooShop attracted more than 10,000 unique users who generated 13,000+ sessions and more than 50,000 pageviews.  On average, every user visited 3.72 pages per session with an average session duration of 3:10 minutes. However, in a week and a half, the results skyrocketed.

In the future, due to a custom created dashboard in Google Analytics, the client will easily track all conversion on their webshop. In the same manner, our development team implemented WooCommerce Advanced Google Analytics plugin, which also assists the client in tracking all the main numbers concerning their sales and the behavioral patterns of visitors.

PikabooShop managed to overcome one of the most recurrent topics in e-commerce today – increase conversion, sales, and online visibility.


56,45% rise in page views
38,88% growth in unique users
42,82% increase in visited pages/session
48,55% increase in average session duration