Placing Pulchra Terra’s Name on the Market

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Pulchra Terra is a landscaping company based in Oklahoma City. This family-owned landscaping business was founded in 2017.

Client Background

Pulchra Terra is a landscaping company based in Oklahoma City. This family-owned landscaping business was founded in 2017. Pulchra Terra caters to both residential and commercial landscaping projects. They do landscaping installation, upgrades, maintenance, and pest management for their clients.

They cover most of central Oklahoma city including Nichols Hills, Edmond, Arcadia, Deer Creek, Mustang, Yukon, and Tuttle.

Company Goals

As a newcomer in the highly competitive landscaping industry, Pulchra Terra’s owners have decided to find a way to get an upper hand over their more experienced competitors in the business by developing a website.

After extensive research, they realized the importance of having a business website to reach more people in the areas they serve. They believe that having a website will significantly improve both the number of clients and their revenue.

Despite their inaugural year of operations, Pulchra Terra’s owners believe that they still lack brand promotion that hinders their reach to more people who need effective landscaping solutions.

Part of Pulchra Terra’s 5-year goal is to become one of the most trusted landscaping companies, but this can only be achieved if they can establish an online presence.


Pulchra Terra faced two challenges in this goal:

  • They are relatively new to the landscaping scene although their staff is composed of experienced landscapers.
  • Their competitors which are years ahead of them in the landscaping business have already marked a strong online presence.

Our Digital Solutions

Aside from having their basic contact details posted on Google’s business listing, Pulchra Terra is basically a name searcher would find nothing about. Tulumi’s first digital solution is developing a fully-equipped website. Unlike its competitors’ websites, Pulchra Terra has a modern and sleek web design.

The website contains information about the company, its services, its projects, and most importantly, a “GET A QUOTE” button for easy accessibility. We also created relevant and compelling Meta descriptions and title tags. All images were optimized as well as the page speed. We also utilized SEO techniques such as internal linking and including keywords with the URL.

To boost organic search results, we have gathered more authoritative backlinks and published relevant content. Making use of their existing email list, Tulumi launched email campaigns to draw attention and spread information about their business to the locals. Tulumi also runs an external linking strategy for Pulchra Terra that drives more traffic and significantly improves the page rank of their website.


With a search engine optimized website as a good foundation, we were able to establish Pulchra Terra’s online presence. Coupled with good email marketing strategies and social media bookmarking, we have significantly driven organic traffic within 6 – 8 weeks upon setting the website live.

At present, Pulchra Terra is driving 52% of their customer leads from the website. This is a seemingly good number for a new website. Organic traffic has increased by 44% since the launch of our email campaigns. Overall, the brand is driving 38% of its sales from our digital marketing efforts. It is safe to say that Pulchra Terra’s name is finally out in the market, ready to rise above its competitors.