PlayAT Sports Mobile Application

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iOS and Android applications that offer a platform for street sports activities.

About PlayAT

PlayAT is a complex innovation and progressive application where the user simply finds the favorite game and plays like a professional or amateur. Also, the app unites people for communication and spending time together.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create a platform for both most popular mobile operation systems iOS and Android where end-user can simply feel relaxed during the playing team games such as football, volleyball, etc.

 1. The mobile application shall be provided for user-player and user-creator (hoster) which also can be a player.

 2. Develop iOS and Android versions of the applications and integrate them with a smartphone.

PlayAt completely covers next needs for users:

  • Find a place and team for playing games in any country in the world
  • Create a game for the evening and invite friends
  • Communicate with other participants via chat, by the way for the chat we used a special technology called “RocketChat”

Additional functionality we provided in the application:

  • Fully integrated with “Google Maps” for the most convenient use
  • All locations are clickable, the user simply can be transferred in “Google Maps” and choose the best route to the next game place
  • This application is user-friendly for all ages
  • The payment system completely integrated into the application. Users can pay using cash or PayPal

To achieve the client’s goals our team created a system that consists of PlayAt application for two platforms IOS and Android also integrated application with RocketChat, GoogleMaps, and Payment system.

The functionality of the applications was developed with PHP (Laravel) and Native strictly due to the client’s requirements and descriptions.