Portal for Storing Patient Data

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Portal for сollecting and storing patient history, using a Survey module. It ameliorates the processes of organizing the work of the hospitals.

About the Client

A leading provider of breast information management solutions, including options for planning, sharing results, patient navigation, and more.


When we started our cooperation with the partner, the Survey module allowed doctors to get answers to all predefined questions before the patient’s visit, but it had limited capacity. It was necessary to give a unique assembly for each individual hospital. Also, the technologies needed to be updated to improve productivity and availability.


We started by building a new web portal for patients’ access, which was integrated with central data storage (Visual FoxPro). Its functionality has multi-step patient verification.

We created the stack of the Portal and Survey module, using ASP.NET MVC Framework, updated the system to .NET Framework 3.5, and wrote a new frontend with AngularJS. This means that we updated the whole stack.

We rewrote the code of the Survey module and implemented a new approach. The functionality of the module consists of a Survey consumer, Survey provider and Survey library.

Value Delivered

  • Serviceable Portal: We recreated the Portal and Survey module using the actual technologies. This influenced the system positively, made it more convenient and faster.
  • Configurable surveys for patients: The questions are completely customizable to any facility, so it is possible to gather the data that is vital to different medical practices. The data is encrypted, so the patient’s information stays safe and secure.
  • Accessible additional forms: In addition to the history questionnaire, centers can also migrate other necessary forms to an online portal. This can include privacy and consent forms, disclosures and any other forms that require a patient signature.

Tech Stack

.NET, C#, ASP.NET Web API, SignalR, AngularJS, PWA.