Portfoleon, A Project Management Web Application

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How to get a real-time view of your projects: collaborate on portfolio plans, tasks, and roadmaps with Portfoleon


The customer was a German company that wanted to build a web application that would let businesses seamlessly create and manage multiple projects and plan the working process. It was looking for a trusted custom web development agency having high experience with Angular.

Projects Details

Project Duration

5 months

Project Team

UI/UX designer, front-end developer, and project manager

Technology Stack

Angular, mdl core, Sass, webpack, dracula


Organizations often don’t have their data — roadmaps, project tasks, portfolio information — well-organized and stored in one place. Sometimes there may be 100+ versions of documents that are stored in different places: emails, messages, Microsoft Office, Excel files, PowerPoint slides, and other sources.

As a result, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to access the necessary data, allocate resources of different company’s departments, and collaborate on a project as a result. For this reason, many businesses suffer from inefficient project portfolio management.

We developed a unique software solution that enables enterprises to solve all of these issues.

Project Goal

The main goal was to implement the customer’s concept of a comprehensive portfolio project management software system. Although there were similar solutions on the market, this one was intended to focus on data visualization and real-time updates. The system had to provide businesses with a single view of projects, tasks, and priorities.

First and foremost, we needed to develop an MVP to test the product’s idea in action. Another thing to do was to create an intuitive UI/UX web design so that the work planning would be a real pleasure.


The customer came to us with an idea of creating a project management web application that would let teams create, communicate, and collaborate on project portfolio plans. It is noteworthy that the client wanted to make a unique solution based on the Gantt diagram which became our key challenge.

We started the project by collecting and analyzing the requirements and preparing a technical specification. When we had a clear understanding of the client’s goals, we estimated the scope of work, picked the team, planned tasks, and got down to development.

The first step was to find a ready-made Gantt diagram base model that would meet our needs in order to save the customer both time and costs. Our team researched the market and found that each of the existing solutions had many cool features missed (e.g., no regulation of block dimensions to fit the text). This encouraged us to build our own vision.

The second thing was to choose an open-source administrator panel. Since Angular is a popular framework that enables to write clean stable code, our web developers decided to use a free Angular admin panel template called ngx-admin.

This tool provided all the necessary UI elements. Thanks to it, we managed to significantly cut the project cost. Besides, a beautiful and intuitive user interface was created. Since the task was to build a web app that would give the ability to simply make changes and use the product without thinking, we came to the drag-and-drop technology.

Due to this solution, resources can be quickly shifted and updates — instantly made. Once something in the plan is changed, all the timelines and lists are automatically updated. Thus,  the user always has the latest version.

What’s important, this project management web application can be seamlessly integrated with the company’s software including ERP, CRM, accounting, and task management systems. Our Angular developers made a high focus on scalability so that the customer would be able to easily add new features and make changes to the platform.


The customer received a centralized software system for portfolio project management that it can sell to other businesses. Portfoleon enables companies to facilitate and improve processes like work planning, project coordination, team cooperation, and resource management. It is based on a unique Gantt model and provides a real-time portfolio visualization.

At the moment, the product is used by over 250 organizations and contains about 7400 projects.