Portugal Concept Store

Hypnotic Digital Agency
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We were challenged to create an online store showcasing some of the best crafted products in portugal.


Portugal is a beautiful country with a lot of good resources and products, in the west part of Europe, we have the need to create a showcase of products to sell the “best of” made in Portugal.

AICEP don’t want only a store, they want a Concept Store for brands representing all kind of products ranging from Foodstuffs to Home Décor, Fashion, Personal Care, Toys and Creative Industries will be included in the new project Made in Portugal designed to engage with demanding consumers from all over the world.


To create an e-commerce store that works not only as a platform to sell Portuguese Products but as a Catalog of the finest Portuguese Brands.

A Concept Store that works as a content-driven seller portal, that shows the Best made in Portugal, and presents the Portuguese Culture.

We have to implement a store with content, for which the main function is not to sell products, but to present the best in Portugal, that allows all kinds of content, such as video, text, audio, and without a complex architecture of e-commerce and a CMS (Content Management System). We develop based on an integrated CMS + E-commerce Solution, that already allows multi-currency, multi-language, and has a robust API that allows future evolution of the store.


The Portugal Concept Store is a brand showcase and a country branding story about Portugal and some of its finest, genuine, proven origin, handmade products that achieved a high level of sophistication allowing consumers to experience them through digital channels and physical stores in several countries worldwide.