POST: A Project Management Platform

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POST is a project management platform created for companies requiring highly-proficient contractors and technicians for various industries.

This platform helps hire technicians, assign them jobs, and make them use mobile and web apps to review job requirements, manage working process details, perform work, and report on its completion.


It was always quite challenging to have a complete vision and control of contractors’ performance. It also required additional accountancies to check how many hours technicians worked and how much they should be paid.​ Companies used several solutions that served different purposes – for management, tracking, accounting, and payment, which couldn’t be synchronized. It was also quite uncomfortable and had the potential to lead to some mistakes. Therefore, there was a high need to create a solution combining everything within one platform.


We created a platform that simplified the work for both the customer and the contractor. On the one hand, the employer manages and reviews the contractor’s performance and, as a result, pays for the work the contractor has done. On the other, the employee can review job requirements and report their work when completed.

This platform includes a customer management portal where users can review work process execution in real-time, as well as comment, update, and accept it.​