PPC Advertising for Luxury Manicure Tools Online Store

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What we launched: Google Ads, Bingads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, AdRoll, Amazon seller central.

Our Work

Major focus was put on search campaigns in Google AdWords and BingAds. Advertising campaigns were created with the aim of attracting customers.

All the customer’s previous advertising campaigns were put on hold during the work on the project. New campaigns with more appropriate structures, expanded semantic core, redrafted advertisements, and added extensions were launched.

Dynamic remarketing, Product Listing Ads as well as Google Display Network were launched in AdWords.

Such sources as Facebook, Instagram and AdRoll were added later. Separate special occasion promotional activities are launched from time to time.

Updated in May 2020

After receiving new tasks from the customer and analyzing all promotion campaigns and arranging tools, it was decided to disable promotion campaigns in Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. At the moment, we are working with promotion campaigns in Google Ads and Amazon Ads, the effectiveness of which was acceptable for the customer based on the new tasks.

Google Ads

All campaigns with poor performance and the brand campaign were disabled in the advertising account. We also performed some works on the analysis of the search queries in organic search results and disabled all keywords (search queries were added to negative keywords) with a high position in organic search results. Since some disabled keywords and search queries brought quite a lot of transactions, the number of transactions was decreased significantly at the first stage of optimization.

At the same time, costs for the advertising were also decreased, and the transaction cost was increased insignificantly. Then we continued to optimize the campaigns based on the new performance indicators. Keywords, negative keywords, search queries, products (Google Shopping), landing pages (DSA), geotargeting, and demographics were constantly analyzed and edited. The effectiveness of campaigns continues to grow. Especially it should be noted the increase of the effectiveness in Google Shopping campaigns.

Amazon Ads

For Amazon, we started redesigning all promotion campaigns by focusing on one brand of the customer’s products. The development of the new promotion campaigns was based on the method 1 group of advertisements = 1 product. As we still had the task to exclude the advertising view for the products that are shown in high positions in the organic search results of Amazon, this grouping turned out to be quite expensive in terms of time, but already in a month, it began to bring good results, taking into account the fact that we were almost not shown in popular search queries as they were in the leading positions in organic search. Grouping using the method “1 group of advertisements = 1 product” also helped us add in the negative keywords those search queries that are in the leading positions for the particular product.

To analyze the data on the organic search, we used Helium 10, namely the Cerebro tool, which helped us solve this problem on analysis of the organic search results for each product. We constantly analyze the effectiveness of individual products, which makes it possible quickly to disable non-effective products and add new negative keywords for search queries with low effectiveness for a specific product. At this stage, we continue to optimize and add new products, what already has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the account as a whole, in this connection, the customer does not overpay for advertising of the products that are already visible in the organic search for popular queries.