Pridac Shopify App

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Pridac Shopify app allows you to connect Amanda AI Service to an online store on the Shopify platform.

The Client

Pridac optimizes digital marketing to maximize every investment, regardless of the goal. The company helps get the best data you need and offers specific solutions that make the e-commerce business an even more powerful seller.

About the App

The Amanda Shopify App is an application that allows you to connect the Amanda AI Service to the online store on the Shopify platform. The main task was to enable Amanda’s customers to easily set up their ads on Google through the Shopify admin panel, while not logging in to Amanda separately. That would allow the user or the owner of an online business to save a significant amount of their time on routine operations with advertising.


Connecting Amanda AI Service to the online store is effortless. It’s enough to install the app from the Shopify App Store and follow the instructions in the app. When installing, the user has the opportunity to immediately work out all the necessary options, build their advertising directly for those products and countries that need it. A significant feature of the application is that when drawing up an advertising message for end customers. There is no need to adapt it locally, all translations are done automatically and as accurately as possible.

Also, the application has a Dashboard option, which allows you to manage the budgets of advertising campaigns. Here it is possible to view the indicators of revenues and costs for campaigns, compare them, and make appropriate decisions on the optimization of advertising promptly.