Principia Consulting – Website Design and Development

Mukiku Creative Studio
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We were entrusted to carry out the full redesign of their corporate website to provide a more modern, responsive, and overall better UX.

About the Company

Principia Consulting is a Singaporean CTRM and ETRM consulting company with over 15 years of experience in creating long-lasting connections and partnerships across multiple industries such as trading and IT.


Our client requested we redesigned his website, which had a dated look and was not optimized at all. His main need was to have a modern-looking, corporate website for Principia with a dynamic design whilst making his business seem more approachable to general audiences.


The new website is clear, simple, and well-organized. Properly carried out and constantly updated SEO contribute to the company’s favourable positioning in the targeted SERPs for its keywords.

We used WordPress and Elementor to construct the new dynamic and responsive website. The new design is eye-catching but not aggressive to the eye. It was created to blend in and further highlight the existing company’s visual identity whilst maintaining clarity and objectivity through the reworking of texts and icons.