Private Hospital Arithera Digital Experience & Business

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Working together to create a Customer Journey Mapping to optimize spending and drive Arithera’s digital experience & business.

ARITHERA is one of Croatia’s leading private clinic’s renowned for excellence in every part of patients treatment with an established offline brand.

They saw the competition’s heavy presence in the digital space that naturally, slowly but steady, drew off a new customer acquisition from them.

After trying with several agencies and in house solutions, ARITHERA started a journey with

The Goal was to establish profitable digital marketing.

The challenge

Although we had a respectable budget at our disposal (100k $/Y), we have encountered on several hurdles.

Outdated web that was in the middle of redesign, almost complete lack of the analytics insights of the previous campaigns and CRM that doesn’t communicate with Marketing Channels.

So obviously, we had a lot to work on.

The solution

We started carefully by slowly implementing the funnel logic into the Google Ads and optimizing the Ads campaigns.

After two Months time, we have lowered the monthly spent by 30% while achieving better results by 287%.

However, we still have a long road ahead of us because there still isn’t any serious analytics in place.

We only know that ARITHERA has a problem because the telephones just can’t stop ringing and email’s are coming in like crazy 😊


Through the use of Google, Arithera was able to…

  • Decrease monthly spent by 30%
  • +14% Increase in Sessions YoY
  • +287% Increase in Calls and Consultancies
  • Decreased CPA by -43.11%
  • Increased CTR by +78.12%

Next steps

We are going to start with Facebook and Instagram to drive to ARITHERA even more targeted traffic. Of course, video creatives are a must.

Along with FB & IG, we are consulting on UX and UI on new web and leading the digital transformation that is focused to provide exact analytics and data by connecting the CRM and Google Analytics.

That alone will enable us to control the spent and drive concrete sales to ARITHERA.

You probably have already guessed, SEO, copywriting, SMS campaigns, email automation and newsletter is to follow so ARITHERA will probably need to employ even more customer care people 😉