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During the cooperation with Profession, our main task was to gradually increase the number of conversions and also improving mobile performance.


Profession is the leading recruitment agency’s site in Hungary. The company satisfies the entire labor market from both sides of demand and supply in the most efficient way possible. Klikkmania started to work together with Profession back in 2016, where the initial goal was restructuring, expanding and optimizing the campaigns and bring across multiple KPIs.

During the cooperation, the main task of Klikkmania was to gradually increase the number of conversions (job applications) and also improving mobile performance.


In order to increase conversion numbers, Klikkmania took advantage of the automation eligible at that time, pay extra attention to the mobile traffic, and the different signals (devices, remarketing lists, locations adjustments, etc.) and began to prepare the system in order to use data-driven attribution model.

The data-driven attribution model was activated in September 2018.

Since automatic bidding strategies are a requirement for the data-driven attribution model, in the first half of the last year Klikkmánia has gradually started to change the bidding strategy of search campaigns to target CPA and to Maximize Conversion from Enhanced CPC. Initially, they were tested in campaigns with smaller budgets, and then gradually expanded to larger campaigns targeting more generic keywords. The use of target CPA alone has resulted in significant improvements.

In addition to increasing the number of job applications, the agency took great attention to monitor and improve the following key areas as well:

  • Optimize and improve mobile performance, device bid adjustment based on historical performance and to achieve significant growth in mobile traffic
  • Improve the top of the funnel performance: optimizing the costs of new user acquisition by refining the targeting, increase the number of assisted conversions and Analytics engagement metrics like bounce rate, pages/sessions, and average time duration, in summary, to achieve better user experience on-site
  • The exploitation of remarketing strategies across different systems and platforms


As we mentioned earlier above, Klikkmania turned on the data-driven attribution in September 2018. It is important to mention here, that September and October is an outstanding period for job seekers. During this period the algorithm was able to feed on a large amount of data, so the positive changes and benefits could be recognized in a relatively short time.

By comparing Q1 2019 with Q1 2018, search conversion numbers increased by 14%. The conversion rate increased by 5,15% and the cost per conversion decreased by 0.57% during this period. Due to automation and focusing on new user acquisition and strengthening the remarketing strategy the total number of sessions coming from Google Ads campaigns increased by 8%. Also, the bounce rate decreased by 10% across the traffic coming from this channel.