Protect & Grow Brand Values Using Online Sales Controlling

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The organization needs to protect & cultivate brand values, improve MAP compliance rates, online marketplace sales, & improve customer experience.

Key Challenges

The organization was facing these challenges before using Actowiz’s Web Scraping services:

  • Genuine sellers were not making any investments in their brand, not providing any benefits, quality controls, or services, and disturbing their brand values.
  • Unlicensed sellers were selling poor quality, damaged, or expired products that resulted in negative reviews and accused the brand, not any sellers.
  • Unofficial sellers were meddling with the market growth policies and also disturbing the objective of authorized sellers to invest in the brand’s increasing sales.
  • Unlicensed resellers were causing enormous channel conflicts, distressing the authorized partners, and reducing their help to carry and promote the brand.

Key Solution

Consultation & Strategy Development

Actowiz’s Consulting & Strategy Development team has made cutting-edge policies with their web data scraping services that included all the necessary components to help the business control their online sales and achieve business objectives. We have educated the company’s stakeholders about all the growing challenges and how to cope with them through scraping data associated with these challenges.

We have utilized different tools like In-Person Strategy Consultations, Strategy Development, and Virtual Consultations.

Legal Foundation

The foundational team of Actowiz has dealt with the business to prepare and implement the required foundational items using web scraping services to protect brand value, boost e-commerce sales, and remove channel conflicts.

We have utilized tools like MAP/UPP Policy, Grey Market Controls, Authorized Reseller Policies, and Quality Control Policies.

Online Seller Implementation

Actowiz’s team of Online Selling Implementation has helped this organization in producing and implementing customized enforcement systems, tailor-made to fulfill their business and budget requirements. We assisted them in implementing the all-inclusive implementation policies required for maximizing ROI and controlling online sales using our data scraping services.

We have utilized tools like Escalated Enforcement, Seller Identifications, Volume-based Enforcement, and Data & Analytics Consulting.

Perfect Results

Unapproved Seller Removal

We have made led programs for an organization that has resulted in real, effective, and long-lasting exclusion of unsanctioned online sellers.

MAP Agreement

We have applied comprehensive programs to successfully achieve MAP agreement for the organization.

No Product Diversions

We have assisted the organization to stop the schemes that were distracting products towards illegal channels, and international markets, as well as lesser brand erosion and customer confusion significantly.

Removal of Channel Conflicts

Actowiz has helped the organization in removing complaints from all authorized sellers, achieving MAP agreements for various channels, and growing distribution networks and resellers with online sales control using our data scraping services.

Better Sales in Online Marketplace

This business has implemented customized and end-to-end strategies as well as experienced considerably superior control on online marketplace sales and suggestively increased online sales using our web scraping services.

Protection of Customer Experience & Brand Values

By having complete control over sellers’ selling products online, this organization has improved the product quality, improved content, good online reviews, and strengthened the customer experiences with the assistance of our best web scraping services.