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How do you run a PPC campaign around a single day in foreign territories? We found out…

Handwashing Hype

Owned by PZ Cussons, Carex is the UK’s number one hand wash brand. Carex cares for millions of hands every day, with a product range catering for all kinds of situations, needs and skin types. Through PPC activity, we were tasked with driving awareness of Global Handwashing Day among the public and educational institutes, as well as educating people more generally about hand hygiene across three core territories: Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

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Answering Answer Boxes

Carex wanted to focus on nine core areas – cholera, diarrhoea, ebola virus, education, hand hygiene, MRSA, respiratory infections, symptoms, and preventions and typhoid – and so one campaign was created per topic, with each featuring two desktop advertisements and one mobile-focused advert. This meant that the ads could be seen regardless of the device being used.

Extensive keyword research was undertaken prior to creating the ads to ensure that only the most relevant words and phrases were selected. In addition, the highest performing words that related to the subject in question were used in the ad copy itself, to ensure that ad visibility was maximised.

Adding a layer of complexity was the then-recent addition of Answer Boxes to Google’s Search offering. This functionality presents the user with an instant answer to their query right at the top of the page, and as a result, eliminates the need for the user to click on a website listing or PPC ad.

The click-through rate (CTR) is an important factor in determining Quality Score and the Answer Box meant there was greater potential for the CTR to be lower than expected, thus affecting the ad’s cost and ranking. In order to remain prominent, our search team ensured that ad copy was appealing, authentic and served a compelling alternative to the Answer Box.

There were, of course, other factors that would impact performance, such as the prominence of a certain disease in the targeted countries. We therefore conducted in-depth research into disease outbreaks for each country and made our judgements from there.

Increase and Improvement

In the sample batch of results below, Nigeria campaigns contributed to 4 of the top 5 performing campaigns, largely down to the difference in the seriousness and popularity of certain diseases in each respective country. The ‘Education’ campaigns represent the Global Handwashing Day specific messaging aimed at educational institutions.

As expected, results from the campaigns showed a steady increase in traffic leading up to Global Handwashing Day, which ultimately acted as the main traffic driver. Traffic peaked on Global Handwashing Day, completing the goal of driving attention and awareness on this particular global day.